Who We Are

The story of how we came to be
Thairapie is a new, modern salon experience born from a long history of dedicated customer service and a passion for curating the highest quality products and talent.

We are here to reclaim the salon experience from the poorly manicured claws of solitude and routine.

With an open floor concept, beverage bar, and streamlined customer experience, we believe you deserve a chance to be yourself, try something new and celebrate doing it. We’re committed to helping each customer find a look that empowers that inner beast and makes you want to do a little dance even if someone’s looking.

Meet the mind behind Thairapie:

Lori Nelson

Lori is the expert on all things salon life. And after gaining several decades of wisdom, she learned how to change the game up and create a new salon experience that made sense to both the customer and stylists. She founded Thairapie out of her passion for each of her customers and fellow artists to have a place to belong, to educate, to come together and to inspire one another’s creative abilities.